Premium Luxury, Grammy Winning Sound

The winner of the 2014 Technical Grammy Award is also the sound system of choice in Hyundai’s award-winning luxury vehicles.

The Lexicon Experience

When Hyundai decided to extend its brand into the premium vehicle segment, it’s no surprise they chose Lexicon as their state-of-the-art audio partner. Years later, we’ve built a new standard in premium audio by combining Hyundai’s talent for vehicle design and engineering with the unparalleled sonic excellence of Lexicon.

From the Studio
to the Road

The Lexicon name was built in the recording studio, helping to produce 80 percent of the world’s recordings—from broadcast and film to music. So when you listen to a Lexicon automotive audio system, you’re hearing the result of decades’ worth of technological experience, research, and artistic passion.

Meticulous Acoustic

Lexicon systems are custom designed to seamlessly integrate with each Hyundai model. Thousands of hours are spent tuning the audio system to leverage the distinctive acoustic characteristics of the vehicle cabin, and to precisely calculate speaker placement to maximize performance and sound quality.

Custom Integration

The collaboration between Hyundai and Lexicon starts on day one, with engineers and designers working hand-in-hand to identify the perfect combination of components and signal processing technologies for each specific vehicle model. Together, they customize a system architecture with a common goal: the best, most precise sound possible.

Unmatched Realism
and Clarity

While many car sound systems are directly lifted from consumer home versions, the Lexicon systems in Hyundai vehicles are custom designed for he exact cabin dimensions of each Hyundai model. Proximity of loudspeakers and specific seating locations are taken into account to create audio systems that provide an unprecedented level of realism and tonal accuracy.


Fully Immersive
Surround Sound

Lexicon's Logic 7® technology produces a 7.1 channel surround sound experience from any source. Designed to recreate the spaciousness and ambiance of a studio or performance space, you’ll experience the same, depth, and sense of envelopment from any seat of the car.

Masters of Digital
Signal Processing

Recognized as the reference standard for digital audio, Lexicon systems are customized to bring your vehicle cabin to life with the most precise and realistic sound you'll ever hear.

Superior Sound
from any Source

With capability for a wide variety of playback options – including DVD-A, DVD-VDTS-CD, MP3—Bluetooth audio streaming, SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio and HD Radio™, and iPod®/USB/AUX input jacks, you get to enjoy pro-quality sound whatever your format of choice.

Awards & Reviews

"For those not in the know, Lexicon is like the Rolls-Royce of audio components..."

The Orange County Register

"The multi-speaker Lexicon sound systems are also very impressive, with the 17-speaker version being one of the best systems found in any car at any price."

"...rarely do the tracks give me the kind of sensation I experienced in the Equus. Chalk that up to the car's Lexicon audio system. The guitar was so clear, and the vocals so present, that I had the kind of feeling I would get from being close to the stage at a small venue"



Technical Grammy®

2014 Technical GRAMMY® for contributions to the art and science of music recording and reproduction through innovation and excellence in product design.


Emmy Award

1984 Emmy Award for Lexicon digital Audio Time Compressor and Expander

Hyundai Models

Hyundai 2015 Genesis

Modern, distinctive and with technology and safety features unsurpassed in its class, the next-generation Genesis is a bold take on the premium sedan, offering an exceptional Lexicon Discrete Sound System fueled by 900 watts of power and with up to 17 speakers.

See The System

Hyundai 2015 Equus

Designed to compete with the best luxury sedans in the world, Equus boasts only the finest amenities, advanced technologies, and design, including a custom-tuned 650-watt Lexicon Discrete Sound System and 17 speakers.

See The System

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