Surround Sound Preamplifiers


The LDD-1 is designed to interface between a laser disc player (with an AC-3/RF output), and any Dolby Digital decoder which accepts a standard AC-3 signal (like our DC-1). Because “AC-3 ready” laser disc players use a separate Radio Frequency (RF) modulated output to carry the Dolby Digital information, special considerations must be made. While this type of transmission works perfectly well, our engineers were rightfully reluctant to inject linelevel RF directly into the meticulously designed DC-1. The solution is the LDD-1.

The LDD-1 keeps potential RF interference away from the sensitive preamp/processor stage while providing highly useful improvements in AC-3 signal quality. By placing the requisite demodulation circuitry in its own enclosure with dedicated power supplies and grounding, the potential to degrade digital-to-analog conversion and analog audio signals within the preamp/processor is eliminated.


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