NT Series



Utilizing a unique Quad-Complementary output stage, the NT Series amplifers produce less distortion than even Class A designs, with higher efficiency and better long term reliability. A wide variety of input and output connections and configurations are accommodated, as well as unique features specific to complex multichannel audio systems.

The amplifiers are not “voiced” to “sound” a certain way. We believe an amplifier’s goal is simple; to amplify the signal, accurately and cleanly, into any load, without imparting any coloration or distortion. Indeed, the distortion components of our amplifiers are near the limits of sophisticated test instruments. The amplifier’s sound can best be described as utterly neutral.

While the amplifier’s goal is simple, its job is not. Over 20 years of amplifier research and design have resulted in products that perform flawlessly, year after year after year. Sophisticated engineering, manufacturing, and testing are combined with meticulous craftsmanship and pride. We believe that you will come to pay our amplifer the highest compliment; you will forget about it! The amplifier will quietly, cleanly and reliably perform its job. Enjoy the music, enjoy the movies, forget about the equipment.


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