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Lumagen - "See What Your Home Theater's Been Missing"

When it comes to video processing, Lumagen has the best game around for 2D and the only game in town for 3D. 

Whether you're looking to maximize the video performance of your home theater with studio quality scaling and calibration, or simply want to watch a movie as the director intended, Lumagen video processors will open your eyes. With numerous advanced controls, including Lumagen's No-ring™ scaling, geometry control and 3D color management, your home theater can reach it's full potential. 

Lumagen's High-performance Video Processor/Scaler Product Offerings, CEA 2010 Video Product of the Year Winners:

  • Radiance XE-3D
  • Radiance XS-3D
  • Radiance Mini-3D

Lumagen's Cable Extender Accessory Products:


For more information about the Lumagen product-line, visit www.lumagen.com

Effective March 1, 2012, HARMAN Luxury Audio Group's JBL Synthesis, Lexicon, and Mark Levinson brands are distributing Lumagen products, and can be purchased through an authorized dealer or distributor.



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