Surround Sound Preamplifiers


More than just a surround processor, the DC-1 is a digital control center with state-of-the-art performance and flexibility. A superb line level preamp, the DC-1 provides 8 audio, 5 video (3 S-VHS), and 4 digital (2 coaxial, 2 optical) inputs. The video and digital inputs can be assigned to any of the audio inputs for custom configuration. The digital inputs are processed through true 20-bit D/A converters, providing a level of performance not found in most stand alone converters. Built-in digital crossovers make it possible to tailor the output to match any speakers in a system. There is also a second set of pre-outs with independent volume and source selection to accommodate music in a separate zone.

A great deal of effort went into designing an instrument which would be flexible enough to satisfy the most critical listeners and yet be simple to operate. Essentially, the DC-1 is a signal processing computer that can be custom-programmed for any specific system. Once installed, it can be operated easily via a remote providing effects tailored for your specific listening environment, and complete control of every aspect of operation.

The Lexicon DC-1 Digital Controller has a single goal: to draw you, the listener, more deeply into a musical performance or a film. For music the DC-1 uses true stereo digital processing to recreate the original recording space or to create a new one of your choosing. For films it offers an extremely accurate version of Dolby Pro Logic surround decoding with all of the enhancements of the LucasFilm Home THX® Cinema system and Lexicon's proprietary enhancement for film soundtracks. The increase in impact of a musical performance or film when heard with the DC-1 is incredible.


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