Based on Lexicon's reference-quality LX Power Amplifiers, the CX-7 and CX-5 represent a lower-output version of their award-winning counterparts. The CX amplifiers have THX Ultra2 certification and the same gorgeous industrial design as the other products in the Lexicon line - they are a beautiful complement to any home theater.

Available with seven or five channels, the CX amplifiers are designed with massive toroidal transformers and several oversized capacitors, allowing them to retain ample power reserves even when all channels are delivering maximum output. Each channel uses four custom designed, hand-graded output transistors to drive 140 watts into 8 ohms. They are compatible with loudspeaker impedances of 2 ohms and above.

The CX amplifiers feature a convection cooling system, which results in ultra-quiet performance.An extensive protection system also makes them extremely reliable. Thermal protection monitors the temperatures of the chassis, main power transformer, and heat sinks, deactivating channels that exceed safe operating temperatures. Current protection limits the quantity of current delivered to the output transistors based on the amount of headroom available. DC protection prevents DC and frequencies below 10Hz from reaching the loudspeakers. In addition, the CX amplifiers offer protection against electrical and device failures, short circuits, wiring faults, and internal errors.To protect themselves and associated components, the amplifiers automatically deactivate if these conditions occur. Dedicated multicolor channel status LEDs on the front panel provide instant notification if dangerous conditions arise.


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