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The RV-5 is a landmark product for Lexicon and represents several firsts for the brand, offering capabilities previously only available in the flagship MC-12 HD. The RV-5 also breaks new ground with several features not currently available in other Lexicon products – all at a fraction of the price. At its heart, the RV-5 is a multi-faceted audio and video preamplifier with built-in processing. Married to that is a high-current, 7-channel power amplifier capable of driving a wide array of loudspeakers and a built-in FM/AM tuner. In addition, the RV-5 can accommodate a pair of HDMI source devices and can connect directly to a PC via USB, enabling the control and playback of streaming audio files. With the optional dock accessory, iPod owners can even connect and play their iPod through the RV-5.

Drawing from Lexicon’s background and expertise, the RV-5 Receiver features the latest version of Lexicon’s critically acclaimed Logic 7® decoding. The calling card of all Lexicon processors, Logic 7 has been widely praised for its ability to greatly enhance the listening experience of any type of source material – whether it is music, film, TV, or even video games. Using Logic 7 with your system means that your music sounds more natural – more like you’d hear it at a live event; movies aremore compelling, drawing you deeper into the illusion of being there; and video games that put you right in the middle of the action. There’s very little that Logic 7 can’t improve, and it’s just one more reason why Lexicon products are considered to be the best in the industry.




RV-5 Owner's Manual
RV-5 Intro Sheet
RV-5 Serial Protocol
Lexicon EQ Comparison (MC-12HD vs RV-5 & MV-5)
RV-5 Demo
Lexicon Logic7 White Paper


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