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The RT-10 is a very high-quality universal disc transport designed to play virtually any of the 5-inch optical media discs available today. It supports CD (including CD-R, CD-RW,Video CD, SVCD, and MP3), DVD (including DVDVideo, DVD-Audio,DVD-R, and DVD-RW), and SACD (stereo and multi-channel). With its sleek aluminum front panel and elegant design, it is the ideal companion to the rest of the Lexicon product line.

The RT-10 is replete with high-quality video technologies, including progressive-scan component video output, pure cinema processing, and 12-bit/108MHz DACs that minimize video signal degradation during analog conversion. A wide selection of video connectors includes the standard composite and S-video outputs, as well as progressive-scan component video output on both RCA and professional-grade BNC connectors. Progressive-scan processing converts interlaced component video signals to progressive-scan component video, doubling the amount of video information sent to a compatible display device for a more stable, flicker-free image with fewer video artifacts. For even greater enhancement, pure cinema processing automatically converts film sources recorded at 24 frames-per-second to 60 frames-per-second, producing an image rivaling that which appears in most local cinemas.

Three S/PDIF digital audio outputs allow for external decoding and processing of Dolby Digital, DTS, and PCM sources. The RT-10 also has built-in 24- bit/192kHz DACs for all six analog output channels to allow high-bandwidth formats, such as DVD-A and SACD, to be enjoyed in full resolution without any reduction in the sampling rate or digital word length. The result is pristine, high quality audio from any disc.The remote control provides one-touch deactivation of all video outputs for the cleanest possible audio signal.




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RT-10 User Guide


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