Surround Sound Preamplifiers

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Based on the reference MC-12, the MC-4 Digital Controller is perfectly suited for less complex multi-channel systems in which sound quality, picture quality, ease-of-use and reliability are still of paramount importance.

Equipped with eight configurable inputs, and eight channels of output, the MC-4 is ideal for all but the most elaborate systems. Drawing on Lexicon's legendary expertise in digital audio, the MC-4 offers superior performance and value for today's music and home theater enthusiast.

At the heart of the MC-4 are four Analog Devices SHARC digital signal processing engines, one Cirrus Logic DSP engine, and eight 24-bit/192kHz digital-to-analog converters - an architecture that is nearly identical to the MC-12.As a result, the MC-12 and MC-4 share the same tremendous processing power and sonic soul.The MC-4 includes THX Ultra2 certification and DTS 96/24 decoding. Rounding out its impressive list of playback technologies: Dolby Digital EX, Pro-Logic II, DTS-ES, DTS Neo:6, and LOGIC 7.

The MC-4 features Lexicon's decoding technology: LOGIC 7. Based on years of psychoacoustic research, LOGIC 7 strikes a delicate balance between channel separation and surround envelopment. For music, film, and broadcast sources, LOGIC 7 distinguishes between primary and background signals and processes them appropriately. Prominent sounds like a singer's voice or an airplane's roar are reproduced with stunning clarity. The signal is sent to the appropriate speaker with high channel separation, while secondary sounds like the ambient noise of a concert hall or the great outdoors are reproduced with amazing spaciousness. With LOGIC 7, the listener experiences an unmatched sense of involvement.




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