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The MC-12 is the culmination of years of product design, effortlessly combining performance, flexibility, and elegance. Sophisticated and powerful, it is supremely equipped to control the most intricate home theater. Three zones, twelve configurable inputs, onboard processing, twelve output channels, and a wide array of expansion capabilities enable the MC-12 to easily meet the demands of the discerning audio/video enthusiast.

With myriad features available in the MC-12, the simple and intuitive user interface provides ultimate adjustability without being confusing. Access to the listening modes, input and output settings, speaker distances and levels is never more than a few button pushes away.

The MC-12's three zones are independent, allowing for seamless control of multi-room systems. Because each zone is capable of routing a different input source, it is possible to watch a DVD in the home theater while listening to a CD in the kitchen and recording a program from a satellite receiver to a DVD-R. The record zone can also be used to provide audio to a third room.

A glance at the MC-12's rear panel will show the tremendous array of inputs and outputs. Analog audio is available on stereo connectors and a 5.1-channel connector, ideal for DVD-A or SACD sources such as the RT-20 Disc Player. High resolution 24-bit/96kHz analog-to-digital converters can be used to bring these sources into the digital domain for processing or, for audio purists, a true analog bypass option is available which keeps the signal in the analog domain from input to output.




MC-12 Brochure
MC12 & MC8 Config Rev1
MC-12 Software v2-00
MC-12 Config Rev 0
MC-12 v110
MC-12 V310
MC-12 V311
Lexicon Config V150
Lexicon Config V160
MC-12 Direct Mode Codes
MC-12 v525 01110
MC-12EQ v525 01110
MC-12 Serial Definition rev5
MC-12 & MC-12B Front & Back Panel Comparisons
MC-12 to MC-12B Upgrade Instructions
MC-12 User Guide
MC-12 Release Notes
MC-12 Errata Notes
MC-12 Software Installation Instructions
MC-12v4 EQ User Guide
MC-12 v5 User Guide
MC-12EQ vs RV-5
MC-12 Serial Definition rev0
MC-12 Serial Definition rev1
MC-12 Serial Definition rev2
MC-12 Serial Definition rev3
MC-12 Serial Definition rev4
Lexicon Logic7 White Paper


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