Lexicon MC-12HDEQ Auto EQ Functionality


For owners using the Auto EQ function for the MC-12HDEQ (HDMI units only, not the older MC-12EQ) one must use the V1.25 version of MC-12HDEQ software to perform the Auto EQ Function. You may continue to use the V1.25 Software version or if preferred, upgrade to V2.0 after the Auto EQ is completed. If you are currently using V2.0, you will need to perform the following:


  1. Downgrade the firmware to V1.25 for the MC-12HDEQ and run the Auto EQ. 
  2. After EQ is complete, update to V2.0 and be sure that you do NOT check the box to "skip config save". This will allow the user settings, including the EQ settings, to be re-populated after firmware has been updated. You can also use the Configuration Utility tool to save and reload these settings.


In this way you can successfully run the Auto EQ, and also use V2.0 firmware.

NOTE: The issue does not affect MC-12 non-HD units, and is not applicable to non-EQ units

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